Don't Let The Fact That National Coffee Day Has Passed Get You Down: There Is A Slight Chill Settling Into The Air, So Latte Season Is Still Totally Happening!

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It is a good location, at the foot of office buildings, near a subway exit and not far from the docks where ferries full of tourists leave and return for the Statue of Liberty, as well as boats transporting workers from Staten Island. Some customers are loyal, such as Mike Reyes, a maintenance worker, who says he comes every morning. "We need affordable (things) like donuts, coffee, because I do know in the city it's very expensive," he explained. "To me, they are really essential." But tourists are still few and far between as a result of the Delta variant, so "people work mostly from home," said Rahman. According to a survey conducted by the Partnership for New York City organization, only 23 per cent of the one million office workers in Manhattan had returned to their offices by August, and employers were anticipating a rate of 41 per cent by the end of September - well below the two-thirds expected in May. With a baseball cap on his head and black mask over his nose and mouth, Rahman hopes things will go back to normal in October or maybe January. "I don't know what's going on in the future," he said worriedly, noting that he relies on his wife's salary as a teacher to support the family. For the time being, after 15 months of inactivity due to the pandemic, during which he was able to receive public aid, he prefers to go to work.  In order to get into the city from his home in Nassau County in eastern Long Island he has to get up at 2:30 am, Monday through Friday.  "It's better than nothing," hop over to here he said, although the times of earning $800-900 in a good week are a distant memory.

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From "Taunton Stands With Tom," to National Coffee Day, and even traffic news, these were the stories that led the news with Gazette readers this past week: Wondering what those lawn signs around the city saying "Taunton Stands With Tom" are for? They're a show of support for Tom Anderson, who was standing in his own yard in June 2020 when a stranger shouting a homophobic epithet knocked out two of his front teeth. The signs contain the rainbow colors of a pride flag, as well as the light blue and pink colors associated with transgender pride.  "They're really sweet," Anderson said. "It's very comforting to see so many people working hard to show their support." Gazette Reporter Chris Helms has the story here, including information about getting a sign if you'd like one . Don't let the fact that National Coffee Day has passed get you down: there is a slight chill settling into the air, so latte season is still totally happening! Pumpkin has entered the chat: 12 SouthCoast spots to satisfy your fall foods craving Real estate roundup: Top 10 Bristol County home sales Overall, home sales for the year in all of Massachusetts are up 10.3% through August, with the median price of the 40,047 single-family homes sold in Massachusetts climbing to $512,000, according to Warren Group data. Looking at the top home sales in Bristol County so far this year, 55 single-family homes have already sold for more than $1 million. Four homes sold for more than $2 million. Got $25 million to spare?: A year later, still nobody has shelled out for this Dartmouth estate Some traffic news got quite a bit of... well, traffic, this past week. There was a significant detour this past week on Route 44 West — a 2-mile detour, to be precise — with the night-time ramp closure from 44 West to Route 24 South. It was all part of the larger Route 44 over Route 24 bridge replacement project .